Still Manually Manage Your Business on Pinterest?

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Schedule All Your Needs with Pinvictus
The most advanced software to help you grow and manage your businesses on Pinterest

Advanced Automation

Automate tasks like pin, repin, follow, unfollow, like etc., with randomized interval support

Project Manager

Easily categorize different projects, micro-manage specific tasks, and schedule tasks separately

Filter Support

Set qualifications for repin, follow etc., only work on ones meet the standard(more than/less than etc.)

Advanced Multithreading

Set maximum thread for each proxy, limit account to one task at same time to avoid getting "overheated"

Search Mode

Automatically search and repin(follow etc.) from keywords, (fllwers or members of)users or boards

Proxy Support

Test connection speed, add notes for easier recognition, and keep track of accounts assigned

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Changelog (latest: v1.2.14)